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Enginias Inc. is one of the leaders in the fields of environmental, architectural, commercial & industrial acoustics.

Since its inception, we continue to establish acoustic expertise, innovation and thought leadership in industries as diverse as energy, aviation, commercial construction, industrial engineering, healthcare, administration and media.

With more than 27 years of collaborative experience, we offer range of services in the field of sound and vibration including, architectural acoustic design, testing and problem solving, HVAC noise control, industrial noise measurement and control, including workplace noise exposure surveys (noise at work assessment), environmental noise measurement and assessment, legal services in an advisory capacity and as an expert witness to a global customer base. Services Offered include but not limited to: acoustic consultancy, planning, product specific consulting and assembly supervision from large silencers to acoustic enclosures, from architectural acoustics to vibration control.

We are a talented team of engineers working relentlessly on developing engineering solutions as per customer requirement. Our customer base ranges from multinationals to small businesses, wherever there is a need for specialist knowledge and expertise in sound and vibration. We offer independent consultancy services in the field of acoustics, noise & vibration control and seismic studies for non-structural components.


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We have a broad architectural acoustic experience that includes hotels, auditoriums, educational facilities, commercial…

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The requirement for good acoustics applies to all educational environments, from nursery schools to specialist teaching…

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Environmental noise covers a broad range of unwanted outdoor noise. Enginias Inc. have extensive experience of measurement…

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Noise & Vibration Control

In the design phase of projects, we use acoustical modeling software to evaluate and predict the noise & vibrations…

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